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(Jul 29)
Night by Night
(Jul 29)
Slow Club
Complete Surrender
(Jul 29)
Cloud Boat
Model of You
(Jul 29)
Shanghai Den
EP 1 - 12"
(Jul 29)
Rough 2 - 12"
(Jul 29)
Pop, Iggy
Where The Faces Shine Vol. 1
(Jul 29)
Hooray For Earth
(Jul 29)
Reitzell, Brian
Auto Music
(Jul 29)
Gasparyan, Djivan
I Will Not Be Sad In This World + Moon Shines At Night
(Jul 29)
CD-YEP-2384 (large)
CD-YEP-2384 (thumbnail)
“We argue sometimes, but we never argue about Big Bill Broonzy,” says Dave Alvin when explaining why he and brother Phil, who haven’t made an album together in almost 30 years, were inspired to...
LP-RCPD-001 (large)
LP-RCPD-001 (thumbnail)
CD-WEBB-425 (large)
CD-WEBB-425 (thumbnail)
CD-BARK-094 (large)
CD-BARK-094 (thumbnail)
Phantogram - Eyelid Movies
Phantogram's music sounds like it's made by a band from the city. Electronic loops, hip-hop beats, shoegaze, soul, and pop each find its way into their songs. Unexpectedly, the band doesn't live and...
CD-WEBB-320 (large)
CD-WEBB-320 (thumbnail)
First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar
First Aid Kit is Swedish sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg. The first single and title track to their sophomore album, "The Lion's Roar", was recorded with producer Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes,...
CD-WRP-10249 (large)
CD-WRP-10249 (thumbnail)
Eno & Hyde - Someday World
Brian Eno and Karl Hyde (of Underworld) come together with a new album to be released this May on Warp Records. This is the first vocal/band project from Eno since 2008's David Byrne collaboration....
CD-ACNY-1411 (large)
CD-ACNY-1411 (thumbnail)
Willie Watson - Folk Singer Vol. 1
Acony Records proudly presents Folk Singer Vol. 1, the debut solo album from Willie Watson. Produced by David Rawlings, the album features ten songs, from folk standards to obscure gems. A true solo...
LP-BARK-047 (large)
LP-BARK-047 (thumbnail)
Death Cab For Cutie - Plans LP
"Plans" is the fifth studio album by Death Cab for Cutie. While the CD was released via Atlantic Records, the LP was released by Barsuk on double 180-gram vinyl (complete with the vinyl-only bonus...