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CD-HMK-011 (large)
CD-HMK-011 (thumbnail)
Oblivion Hymns is Hammock's most ambitious recording to date. Hammock reaches as far as they ever have, adding a string quartet, glockenspiel, children's choir, and more to their growing arsenal of...
CD-HMK-001 (large)
CD-HMK-001 (thumbnail)
Hammock's influential debut is still highly visible and steadily approaching the "Classic Status" that All Music Guide predicted for it in 2005. Six-Panel Gatefold Digipack with matte UV
CD-HMK-005 (large)
CD-HMK-005 (thumbnail)
Artwork by Jónsi Birgisson (Sigur Ros/Jónsi) and Alex Somers (Jónsi and Alex, Parachutes). Remastered by Taylor Deupree of 12K. Gatefold jacket with matte finish and insert.
CD-HMK-004 (large)
CD-HMK-004 (thumbnail)
An album often cited as a high-water mark in both Ambient and Post Rock circles. "7.6..." -Pitchfork. "You know the secret--good soundscapes and good melodies..." -Jonsi Birgisson, Sigur Ros
CD-HMK-006D (large)
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"Chasing After Shadows...Living with the Ghosts" is a defining album for Hammock. The band was coming off of making "Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow", a quiet, minimal and intimate record...
CD-HMK-009 (large)
CD-HMK-009 (thumbnail)
Hammock goes massive as they meditate on grand themes of death and loss, their music ever larger, more expansive. Hammock retains its signature approach to epic music-making, but this time out,...
CD-HMK-008 (large)
CD-HMK-008 (thumbnail)
Legends Steve Kilbey and timEbandit Powles of The Church collaborate with Ambient masters Hammock on "No Agenda" and "Verse for Forgiveness". The EP also features two new Hammock songs.
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